4 Reasons to Use Galvanised Steel HVAC Ductwork

4 Reasons to Use Galvanised Steel HVAC Ductwork

26 April 2021
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One of the first decisions you have to make when you design a new HVAC system is which ducting material to use. If you want to use a sheet metal system, then galvanised steel is a popular choice. However, what are the benefits of using these steel sheets in your new HVAC system?

1. Reduce the Chances of Corrosion

Galvanised steel has an additional coating of zinc. This coating helps protect the steel and reduce the chances of damage. For example, zinc helps the steel deal with wet, moist or humid conditions. It won't corrode, so it protects your ducting against rust. The longer you can keep your system rust-free, the longer it will last. You'll have lower repair and replacement costs.

2. Get Better Insulation

If your HVAC system isn't insulated, then it might be noisier than you're comfortable with. You might also lose hot or cold air through gaps in the ductwork. This makes the system less efficient and increases your running costs. While you can add insulation to other ducting solutions, this increases your costs and doesn't give you a great solution. Insulation materials might break down over time and spread through the system.

Galvanised steel ductwork usually comes with a special pre-installed duct wrap insulation. This insulation ensures that your system makes less noise. It also contains air loss so you won't waste money on lost energy.

3. Benefit From Design Versatility

Not all HVAC systems run in straight lines. You might have points in your system where you need your ductwork to curve, turn tight corners or run in unusual shapes. While you can install flexible materials at these points, you then lose the benefits of using metal ductwork. If you choose a metal that doesn't shape easily, then you could end up with a clunky configuration that takes up more space and runs less efficiently.

However, if you use galvanised steel, then you have more flexibility. You can create different shapes to fit difficult areas in your system. You get to work with one material without having to compromise your optimum design placement.

4. Reduce Your System Costs

A new HVAC system is a big investment. If you use other ductwork sheet metals, such as aluminium, then your costs increase. Fortunately, galvanised steel is typically cheaper to manufacture and buy. Your reduced maintenance costs also make your system more affordable over the course of its working life.

For more advice, get in touch with sheet metal HVAC fabrication services.

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