Understanding the Benefits of Steel Laser Cutting

Understanding the Benefits of Steel Laser Cutting

20 October 2019
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Laser cutting is a common cutting process in today's manufacturing processes. The method is precise, and it consumes less energy as compared to plasma cutting. Although countless industries in Australia use it, the primary aim is to remove the excess materials. Discussed below are the main advantages of metal laser cutting.

1. Fast turn around

When compared to the traditional methods of fabrication, the lead time for laser cutting is lower. A laser cutting machine can accommodate almost all types, shapes and sizes of material, and hence, the lead time for setting up is short. Since any geometry does not bind the lasers, laser cutting creates enough space for creativity. The laser cutter can quickly make the necessary creative designs within a short period. 

2. More precision

Individuals and manufacturers who use laser cutting machines get better quality and accuracy than when you use the conventional method. The laser output is usually more precise and does not require the person to have any physical contact with the material.

3. Accuracy

Laser cutting machines do not waste metals as with the mechanical cutting. Mechanical cutting involves wear and tear and sullying, which eventually waste the original metal. Lasers, on the other hand, do not destroy the surface. Additionally, laser machines are exact and theretofore minimise the time taken to finish the task.

4. High productivity

Deep penetration, as well as high speed, contributes to higher productivity by laser cutting machines. Typically, the machine cuts the thinner metals sheets faster than the thicker ones. The rate surpasses that of the conventional cutting technology.

5. Versatile

No matter how complex or intricate your design is, laser cutting machines are highly versatile. Their versatility nature makes it easy to convert the single shapes to intricate designs using the same piece of metal. Since steel laser cutting technology works with the help of a computer, the person operating it can change the program quickly to meet the client's preferences.

6. No hard tooling

Steel laser cutting technology does not require hard tooling. It is a lean manufacturing method that minimises the need to change over the tool's storage. Since technology does not involve hard tooling, the results are more effective and detailed as compared to those of the conventional methods. 

As you can see, the steel laser cutting technology incorporates many benefits to your industrial processes. Although the machines are a huge investment, the value of the benefits outweighs the initial investment cost.

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