The Three Crucial Things to Remember about Air Compressors

The Three Crucial Things to Remember about Air Compressors

12 September 2019
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Air compressors are machines that take air from the atmosphere and compress it to a given pressure. The compressor does not store the air after compressing it; rather, it compresses it and feeds it into a chamber, known as the air receiver. As a reservoir for compressed air, the receiver should be handled with a lot of care. The system contains a system which stops the compressor when the receiver has filled. The same system restarts the compressor when the receiver gets to the lower pressure limit. It is essential to understand how the entire system works to avoid mistakes which could ruin the system. Here are three of the most crucial things to remember about compressors and their repairs.

Never Store Air above the Maximum Design Pressure

The receiver parts of the air compressor are made of materials that can withstand extreme pressures. They, however, have a maximum pressure that they can withstand without bursting. Before buying a receiver, look at the maximum pressure of the entire working space. It is recommended that you get a receiver that can hold the pressure of the working space. When the pressure is exceeded, the vessel weakens and could even burst.

Make sure Parts are Corrosion Resistant

When buying or having a compressor installed, you are expected to inspect all parts, especially the valves, and ensure they are made from bronze or brass. These two metals are known to be the least affected by rusting and corrosion. You should ensure that all mating parts are made from metals that will not stick, rust, or get corroded. Ensure that the entire receiver is painted or coated in a way that reduces rusting.

Make Sure Valve Testing Mechanisms are Working

The other important change to make is to ensure that the main valve can easily open, and will reseat correctly when opened. The testing process is quite simple. Normally, there is a ring or lever which is normally attached to the level. Pulling it opens the valve, and releasing it allows the valve to reseat when it is working properly.

These are the three simple things to remember about air compressors. The most crucial thing to note about compressors is that they are also fitted in electronics such as refrigerators. Although they might be slightly different, they work using the same mechanism and will need the same maintenance and repair mechanisms. If your receiver has a problem, it is advisable to call in a refrigerator repair expert to handle maintenance and repair as opposed to do it yourself inspections. 

For information about professional air receiver inspections, consult a resource in your area.

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