Follow These Tips for the Easy Operation of Your Feed Water Tanks

Follow These Tips for the Easy Operation of Your Feed Water Tanks

10 September 2019
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The feed water tank is the most crucial component of the boiler water treatment system. To run a water treatment program, you need to understand the feed water setup. The boiler process starts with the de-aeration and preheating of the water in a separate vessel, away from the main boiler. The tank stores boiler water and operates under the atmospheric pressure. The reservoirs can also double as receivers of condensed water and chemical injection points. Understanding their multipurpose nature is, therefore, part of the maintenance and operation of feed water tanks.

The Location of the Tank

The first thing you need to think about when setting up a boiler system is where you will locate the feed water tank and its design. Put simply, the water entering the feed water tank should be totally heated and completely de-aerated. In reality, it is hard to find a feed water tank with uniform temperature and chemical composition. Place the feed water pump opposite the side where the chemicals get into the system; this setup gives the cold water maximum time to heat and get chemical treatment before getting to the boiler. 

The Location of the Chemical Injection

Another factor that affects the effectiveness of the entire boiler system is where the chemical injection is done. Chemical injection protects the feed water tank and also gives the oxygen scavenger time to react. The injection should be below the waterline and as far away from the exit pipes as possible. This gives the water in the feed tank time to mix well with the chemical. The best place to inject the chemical should be in the middle of the tank beneath the water, and you should use a quill for injection.

The Cold Water Makeup and Design

The water that enters the feed tank contains a good amount of oxygen. The new water should generally come in under the waterline and on the side of the tank. Use a slow and continuous rate to feed the water into the tank.

These three simple tips will help you set up a boiler system for maximum efficiency. Ensure that the system gets placed in an ideal location. If you do not understand proper tank setup and operation, it is advisable to get an expert to help you set up and manage the systems. Proper installation, maintenance and repair can maximise the life of your feed tank.

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