The Advantages Of Choosing Laser-Cut Ducting For Your Commercial HVAC Installation Business

The Advantages Of Choosing Laser-Cut Ducting For Your Commercial HVAC Installation Business

9 September 2019
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Window mounted air conditioners and low-profile split systems are excellent, effective HVAC systems for most residential homes, but they lack the sheer power and efficiency of a full-blown ducted central air conditioning unit. If you're in the commercial HVAC installation business, fitting central air systems in new office buildings, warehouses and factories will almost certainly take up most of your time, and that means you'll need ducting -- lots and lots of ducting.

The ducting that carries air from a central air unit to the various vents dotted around a commercial building may be the simplest part of a central HVAC system, but that doesn't mean you can skimp on quality. To prevent damaging leaks, loss of efficiency and countless maintenance issues down the line, you'll need to ensure that the ducting you install in a commercial building is manufactured to exacting standards. This is why more and more commercial HVAC installers are turning to laser-cut ducting over ducting crafted using more traditional methods. The precision and efficiency of modern laser cutting technology means laser-cut ducts have a number of advantages that make them well worth the extra investment.

What are the advantages of using laser-cut ducting when installing HVAC systems in commercial buildings?

Exceptional precision

When you order laser cut ducting, you can rest assured that every section of ducting will be the exact size and dimensions you specify, with no margin for error. The latest, computer-controlled laser cutting machines are incredibly precise and can cut the steel, stainless steel or aluminium used to create your ducting down to a fraction of a millimetre. This ensures that all of the ducting you install fits together exactly as it should, with no gaps between sections that can cause condensation leaks and loss of cooling and/or heating efficiency.

Fast turnover

Automated laser cutters can also cut large amounts of ducting in a fraction of the time taken by less sophisticated methods, and are particularly useful if you need large amounts of identical ducting sections, fast. This makes laser cutting services the best choice if you need to order custom-cut ducting on very short notice, as these services are very useful to accommodate a last-minute change in the design or capacity of the HVAC system you have been contracted to install. 

Does not damage surrounding material

Many methods used to cut metal ducting, such as plasma and waterjet cutting, deal a small but significant amount of damage to the material immediately surrounding the cuts. This damage is not always immediately obvious, but it can leave the affected portions of a duct more vulnerable to springing leaks and, in the case of steel ducting, falling victim to rust.  The incredibly narrow and precise laser beams used by laser cutters help to minimise this kind of collateral damage, so laser-cut ducting does not suffer from these hidden weak spots.

Contact a professional laser cutting provider today in order to learn more about these services.

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