What Determines the Performance of a Centrifugal Pump?

What Determines the Performance of a Centrifugal Pump?

31 August 2019
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Centrifugal pumps are very common in agriculture. They are designed to induce the flow so that liquids can rise from a low to a high level. The most common application for the pumps, therefore, is pumping up water from wells. A centrifugal pump is created in such a way that it converts rotational energy into energy. When this energy comes into contact with a stationary fluid, the fluid starts moving in a specified direction. When buying a centrifugal pump, the most important quality you should consider is its efficiency. Here are a few of the factors which determine the performance of the pump.

The viscosity of the working fluid

Viscosity is defined as the resistance to shearing when energy is applied to a liquid. Liquids that have a high viscosity have a high resistance to shear when rotational energy is applied to them. Centrifugal pumps are not effective in pumping high-viscosity fluids. They are, however, very effective at pumping low-viscosity fluids such as water. Therefore, a centrifugal pump will do a very good job of pumping water from a well.

Density and Specific Gravity of the Fluid

Specific density and gravity determine the amount of power needed to pump a certain fluid. Density is simply the mass of the substance per unit of its volume. The specific gravity is its density compared to that of water. Centrifugal pumps need very little power to pump water from a well. However, if you are going to use them to pump something else other than water, you have to determine its specific gravity and see whether the pump can create enough rotational energy for effective pumping.

Prevailing Temperature and Pressure

Pressure and temperature are also very important when determining the efficacy of a centrifugal pump. Well water is usually slightly warm during pumping, which does not create any special conditions. However, if you need to pump hot liquids, you will have to consider the pressure that is created by the temperature and get a pump which can handle it.

These are the basic factors that determine the effectiveness of a centrifuge. Other factors include the vapour pressure of the fluid being pumped and the net positive suction of the head. All these variants can be a little challenging to deal with on your own. However, if you engage an expert in the purchase and installation, they will get you the best pump for the job. Submersible pump suppliers understand different liquid needs and specifications and will ensure that you get what best suits your needs.

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