Tips for Keeping Your Powder-Coated Wire Fence Intact

Tips for Keeping Your Powder-Coated Wire Fence Intact

30 August 2019
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Wire fencing is one of the many outdoor metal products that are usually powder-coated to protect and beautify the product. Although powder coatings are one of the most resilient surface coatings available for wiring fences, they are not invincible. Ultraviolet radiation, atmospheric salts, and everyday dirt and grime can all be hard on powder-coated wire fencing, causing it to degrade prematurely. 

Knowing how to maintain and take proper care of your wire fencing is essential to keep it sturdy and looking pristine for several years to come. Use this guide to maintain and care for your powder-coated wire fencing and get the most out of it.

Treat the Exposed Surfaces With Wax

Like other outdoor metal products, wire fencing will be exposed to the sun's damaging ultraviolet light and may come into contact with other objects. Applying a light layer of high-quality, non-abrasive wax that contains UV inhibitors is an effective way to protect your fencing from UV damage as well as damage that may occur due to contact with other objects.  

Don't leave any excess wax on the surface of your fence. Wipe it off to keep it from baking into place and causing staining due to solar heat exposure.

Avoid Cleaning With Harsh Solvents

While chemical cleaners are highly effective at removing dirt and grime from most surfaces, they are not a suitable choice when it comes to cleaning your powder-coated wire fence. The chemicals contained in the cleaners can eat away at your coatings, leaving the substrate metal exposed to the elements. 

Fresh or filtered water is the best solvent for cleaning your wire fence. You can use a wet sponge and mild household detergent to wipe the dirt, grime and salts off your fence. Make sure you rinse the fence with fresh water after you've wiped it down. This will help to remove any detergent that may remain on your fence.

Pressure Wash for Best Results

If you want to remove dirt and grime from your powder-coated wire fence quickly and efficiently, consider pressure cleaning it. Use the pressure washer on a low setting to avoid damaging the finish. 

Also, make sure you use filtered water only. If unfiltered water is used to clean your fence, the dissolved minerals may form permanent stains, which will make your fence look unsightly. 

The above-highlighted tips can help you to maintain your powder-coated wire fence correctly and extend its service life. Don't forget to check the fence manufacturer's instructions on how to look after the product.

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