3 Most Profitable Acrylic Sheeting Varieties

3 Most Profitable Acrylic Sheeting Varieties

30 August 2019
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Acrylic sheets have permeated over a half dozen industries, thanks to the remarkable properties such as scratch resistance, impact resistance, and dazzling glossiness. Acrylic has replaced glass as the primary form of material in different applications. Moreover, acrylic sheets come in a variety of models, with each being suited for a particular use. With the demand for acrylic skyrocketing, it is crucial to know which types of acrylic are the most profitable. In most cases, acrylic sheets in this category are used for decorative and safety purposes. Read on to find out three varieties of acrylic sheeting that are considered the most valuable by consumers.   

Textured Acrylic Sheet

One of the most in-demand varieties of acrylic sheeting is textured acrylic. First, it is one of the most durable types, thus making it the perfect alternative for applications where textured glass would be appropriate but at risk of breakage. For instance, cabinet doors made of textured glass will, at one time, crack or break depending on handling. However, with textured acrylic sheeting, end users do not have to worry about closing the cabinet doors carefully every single time. Second, the aesthetic feature of textured acrylic has made it a popular material for patio tables for residential properties, as well as for commercial facilities like restaurants. Therefore, start stocking acrylic plastic sheeting if you want to increase your clientele.

Impact Modified Acrylic

Although the acrylic sheet is stronger than glass, ordinary acrylic still falls short in impact resistance when compared to polycarbonates and other types of plastic. Therefore, it restricts the use of regular acrylic sheet to a handful of applications. However, with impact-modified acrylic sheeting, the resistance gap is significantly reduced. Similar to strength with polycarbonate sheeting, modified acrylic sheets are preferred in applications where safety and clarity are of utmost importance. Such applications include, but are not limited to, display windows and advertisement signage.   

Abrasion-Resistant Acrylic Sheeting

One property that separates acrylic from glass is its scratch-resistant surface. However, with continued scratching, ordinary acrylic sheeting starts to show signs of abrasions.A great example is a bus stop sign made of acrylic. It is for this reason that large products made from ordinary acrylic sheets last longer indoors than outdoors. The double-coated, abrasion-resistant acrylic sheeting, however, offers a higher level of abrasion resistance. Consequently, it provides exceptional protection against exposure to perpetual abrasive elements. This property makes acrylic sheeting the best option to make the doors of a busy restaurant.

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