What to Know about the Structural Steel Fabrication Process

What to Know about the Structural Steel Fabrication Process

29 August 2019
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If you will be using structural steel for your building project and framing, you may already know a few steps of the fabrication process. One of the key steps is the design. After the design consultation and the approval for the design plan, you may not know what happens. There are a few things that you should know about the process to help understand the structural steel fabrication process for your upcoming project.

Converting Blueprints 

One of the first steps in the structural steel fabrication process after your consultation and design approval is conversion. The fabrication team will take your designs and convert them to blueprints and finally into shop drawings. The shop drawings are what the fabrication team will use to cut the steel needed for your project and put those pieces together. This is the step that will have the assembly process detailed as well as all measurements and other information from the blueprints. The shop drawings will go through to the different stations of the fabrication line in order to ensure all parts are being fabricated to the correct specifications. 

Cutting and Forming

Once the blueprints are converted to shop drawings, the next step in the structural steel fabrication process will be cutting and forming of the structural pieces. This means cutting each beam, truss and other structural components. Once the components are cut to fit your needs, they will be sent to the forming department. This step in the process will form the beams into the angles that are necessary to meet the shop drawings. 

Machination and Assembly

When the pieces of steel are cut, formed and ready to go, they are then sent to the machinist. This step in the process is to refine pieces of metal, smooth them out and make sure all of the needed components are in place. Assembly is the final step of the process and will happen directly after the machination portion. Once these steps are done, your trusses and other structural steel fabrication components will be ready for installation. 

By understanding the process involved in the structural steel fabrication process, you can prepare for certain deadlines. You can prepare for the possible deadline of the project, any extensions you may need, and other related issues that may arise. If you are ready to get started, contact a steel fabrication company like Ready Steel. They can schedule a consultation to get started and discuss any concerns you have.

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