Why Santoprene TPV is the Best Material for Window Glazing Seals

Why Santoprene TPV is the Best Material for Window Glazing Seals

28 August 2019
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Over the years, Santoprene Thermoplastic Vulcanizate (TPV) has become a mainstay material in the construction industry. TPV is mainly used in delivering residential window and door sealing needs. While the popularity can be attributed to low cost, a variety of applications and resilience, other subtle properties make Santoprene the go-to material for window and door dealing applications. As a supplier of Santoprene products to the construction industry, you can leverage the unique the properties of TPV. Notably, you can use the attributes of Santoprene TPV as selling points for your window and door seals. Read on.   

Easy to Heat Weld: One serious problem with modern window seals is leaks due to weak joints during the moulding stage of production. As such, manufacturers often resort to using adhesives, solvents and moulded corners in a bid to deliver leak-free joints. Unfortunately, the efforts are usually ineffective because adhesives wear over time. It leaves gaping spaces between the seal and windowpane, which eventually allow water, dust and dirt to pass through. Rather than use rubber seals, Santoprene seals are the best choice since they are easy to heat weld. Heat welding eliminates the need for adhesives, thereby ensuring that the joints remain intact for a long time.    

Consistent Quality Glazing Seal Products: Clients in the construction industry usually order glazing seals in bulk. Therefore, there is an emphasis on supplying products with consistent quality. That said, it can be challenging to provide glazing seals that are made from pure plastic or rubber. The reason is that plastic and rubber come in different grades, and if batches are mixed, then the windows experience variable glazing seal performance. With Santoprene TPV, however, you are assured of consistent, high-quality grades, since the manufacturing process ensures delivery of the same material properties, batch after batch. In essence, Santoprene TPV helps you to eliminate the risk of selling window glazing seals that have different performance profiles.   

More Sustainable: Sustainability goals have become a priority among players in the construction industry. Therefore, do not be surprised if contractors question the sustainability of the glazing seal products you supply. Although rubber and other plastics can be recycled, the materials contain high amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are harmful to the environment. These are problems you don't have to worry about if you supply Santoprene TPV glazing seals. First, Santoprene TPV contains very low levels of VOCs, which makes TPV seals a better solution for contractors looking to address health concerns raised by clients. Additionally, Santoprene TPV seals are compatible with water-based paint, thereby eliminating the reliance on other paints laden with dangerous chemicals.

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