Three Reasons To Choose Robotic Equipment For Your Laser Cutting Needs

Three Reasons To Choose Robotic Equipment For Your Laser Cutting Needs

23 August 2019
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While laser cutting technology is not new to the metal fabrication industry, it is one of the techniques that is experiencing technological advancements at a high rate. At the onset, the original equipment employed for laser cutting primarily was used for the creation of holes. In recent years, though, there are different types of laser cutting equipment that you can choose for your industrial processes, such as rotary lasers, CNC lasers and so on. But one laser cutting machine that is steadily taking the industrial and manufacturing processes by storm is the robotic laser. Before selecting laser cutting equipment, consider these reasons to choose robotic equipment.

State-of-the-art advancements

One of the biggest reasons to opt for robotic laser cutting is the technological advancements that this equipment will accord your processes. Firstly, these lasers cut much faster than their counterparts do, so the time your fabrication processes take will be shorter. Moreover, the advanced speed does not alter the precision of the robotic laser. Hence, you do not have to worry about increased errors despite the fast turnaround time. Overall, robotic lasers are much more accurate and faster than the CNC alternatives are!

Low energy consumption

Industrial processes are expensive. And if you have the wrong laser cutting machine, you will find that your overhead costs are skyrocketing! Another great thing about robotic laser cutters is that they are capable of reaching fast speeds and accurate precision without consuming a considerable amount of power. In addition to this, the robotic laser can be employed to fabricate a myriad of materials as long as the melting point of the various materials is low. So if you work with multiple materials in your industry and do not want to use different types of equipment for your fabrication needs, you should choose a robotic laser cutter that is both versatile and energy-efficient.

Increased work safety

Metal fabrication is a dangerous activity. And even when you have the right insurance in place, having workers injured regularly will undoubtedly increase your workers' compensation premium. Conventional fabricating tools are typically outfitted with sharp blades that could easily harm an operator who loses their concentration even for a second. Robotic laser cutters, on the other hand, are fully automated. The equipment does not need a human operator — instead, it only requires programming. The fact that no workers are coming into direct contact with the lasers eliminates the risk of harm and subsequently provide a safe work environment.

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