Two changes that you might want to make to the car lift in your factory's car park

Two changes that you might want to make to the car lift in your factory's car park

19 August 2019
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There are a number of changes that you should consider making to the car lift in your factory's car park. Continue reading if you'd like to find out more about these changes and the ways in which they could improve this piece of industrial equipment.

Put security cameras in the lift

Car lifts that are on industrial premises should always have security cameras. If your lift does not have these cameras, you should have them installed as soon as you can.

First, most factories need to use a lot of high-value tools, machinery and materials to make their products. If this is the case for you, then you should be conscious of the fact that it would be very easy for an unscrupulous visitor or employee to smuggle some of these valuable items out of your premises by stowing them in their vehicle and then using the unmonitored car lift to exit the premises and get away without being observed and caught. Conversely, if you have cameras installed and the live footage from these cameras is monitored by your facility's security guards, it would be a lot easier for you to identify any thieves and apprehend them before they leave your premises in their vehicle.

Second, security cameras that are placed in the lift can help you to monitor how the lift is being used. For example, if like most car lifts, yours is designed to only transport one vehicle at a time and its load-bearing capacity reflects this, then you can use the cameras to check if any of the people who work in or visit your factory are overloading it by, for instance, transporting both a car and a heavy motorbike in the lift at the same time. By keeping an eye out for this behaviour, you can take action to stop it (for example, by speaking directly to the individuals who have been doing this) before it results in this equipment being broken.

Coat the lift's floors and walls with intumescent paint

Another change that you might want to make to this industrial equipment is to coat its floors and walls with intumescent paint (i.e. fire-resistant paint). The reason for this is that fires can occur in these lifts, if the vehicles that are transported in them have electrical faults or if a flammable fluid (like petrol) leaks out of a vehicle, and someone who uses the lift after this throws a smouldering cigarette end out of their car window onto this fluid.

However, if all of the accessible surfaces in the lift's interior are fire-resistant, these incidents are unlikely to result in a full-blown blaze that will endanger the lift's occupants, damage their car or result in the destruction of the lift itself. In short, this simple change could spare you and anyone who uses the lift a lot of distress, pain and expense.

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