How to Use Pallets to Expand Your Operation

How to Use Pallets to Expand Your Operation

23 July 2019
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If you have set up a simple but effective product manufacturing business with an environmentally friendly approach, you may look at every aspect of your operation with a critical eye. You will want to ensure that you are as successful as possible as you distribute your products to a waiting public, but you'll want to make sure that you keep your footprint as small as possible. It may be time for you to think about expansion and you may need to send quantities of your product in bulk to a remote destination. How can you keep your costs in check and retain your eco-friendly credentials when it comes to packaging and distribution?

Expansion Plan

You may have been used to sending small quantities of your product through a local network and have never had to consider bulk shipping before. To take full advantage of the opportunity this time, however, you will need to send large quantities to a remote warehousing facility, where they can be segregated and sent on from there.


In this case, you will need to use a pallet system for best effect. These are in widespread use and most carriers are set up to accept them without any problem. When you go down this route, you will be able to stack a large number of individual boxes on each pallet and can then secure the load with biodegradable wrapping. Each pallet can then be moved using a forklift at each stage of the journey so that your goods reach their destination in first-class condition.

Value Proposition

These pallets are certainly reusable and represent good value for money, especially if you buy them second-hand. They will be able to cope with a number of distribution cycles without breaking down and when they do, you can always recycle them.

Ease Of Use

You will also find them easy to keep on-site as they can be stacked one on top of each other in the corner of your facility. They can be carried by one person when unladen, which helps to keep your operational costs low.

Sourcing Your Needs

Work with a product supplier to find used pallets that are fully serviceable and that have great value for the money. Buying used pallets can help you to maintain your environmentally friendly reputation. When you buy these pallets, you'll be one step closer to your goal and you can confidently proceed with your expansion.

For more information on used pallets, contact a pallet retailer.

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