Ways Powder Coating Will Promote Sustainability for Your Industrial and Manufacturing Business

Ways Powder Coating Will Promote Sustainability for Your Industrial and Manufacturing Business

16 February 2021
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Industrial and manufacturing businesses tend to be the leading contributors to pollution. And as consumers become wary about spending their money on companies that are degrading the environment, more and more business owners are trying to limit how their manufacturing process negatively impact the environment. What you may be surprised to learn is that one small change such as switching from painting to powder coating can greatly elevate your efforts towards environmental conservation!

Powder coating refers to the process of finishing products by applying a layer of electromagnetically charged particles that comprise both pigments and resins. While this technique was previously associated with the automotive industry, it has in recent years started becoming the go-to solution for a vast array of businesses as industrialists discover the range of advantages that it offers. If you are looking to integrate green practices, check out the following ways powder coating will help with promoting sustainability for your industrial and manufacturing business.

Powder coating offers an exceptional finish

Paints and other solvent-based coating have undoubtedly been the leading option when it comes to finishing products, but this does not mean that they are automatically the best. A paint job, admittedly, may look great at the onset, but over time, exposure to changing temperatures and weather elements will cause this finish to fade, chip and eventually need repainting. Moreover, if the paint job is not carried out with the utmost care, flaws such as bubbling, running and so on can occur, and this mandates redoing the work.

Powder coating does not pose any of these problems. Firstly, you are guaranteed a smooth and even finish each time, which eliminates waste caused by repainting your manufactured products. Furthermore, the powder coat is resistant to chemicals, heat, ultraviolet exposure and so on. Hence, you are not wasting resources by having to engage in refinishing your products down the road.

Powder coating does not pollute the environment

The second major reason why powder coating should be the leading finishing technique for your manufacturing processes is to limit environmental pollution. Paints contain volatile organic compounds, which are dangerous to both humans, animals and the environment. In terms of health ramifications, the VOCs can irritate the ear, nose and throat, cause dizziness and nausea and eventually damage the central nervous system.

Exposing your employees to paint fumes regularly puts their health at long term risk. When it comes to the environment, VOCs contribute to the formation of acid rain, which is damaging to plant life. Powder coating, conversely, does not contain any solvents or other toxic compounds that would be harmful to your staff, consumers or the environment. Additionally, since remnant particles can be reused, powder coating limits wastage too.

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